Cellular Manufacturing ISO 9001:2000

That’s One Big Mini Cell!!!

The one thing that the Mini Cell is not, is small or inexpensive. The first phase of this new Mini factory is totally automated and cost over $600,000. In the foreground is our new, first ever robotically loaded, Koefer hobbing machine. Just behind it is the Mazak twin spindle, twin turret lathe. Combined, the Mini cell insures that we get high quality blanks FAST.

Mini Cooper

We currently build 1500 hardened and ground gear sets a week for the new Mini Cooper S. These gears are part of the supercharger which give the “Mini” its muscle!

Eaton Team

The “Mini Team”: Tom Cartner, Jerry Tarolli, Mark Bechteler, Dan Bartelli, Dan Diflorio, Jeff Crandall is now developing Phase II of the Mini Cell.

Early this fall the Mini team will automate our existing TAG400 Gear Grinder. Probably the first job shop in the country to install robotic loading on a stock factory machine to improve productivity and repeatability. When finished, we’ll have a complete “Mini” factory with raw material in, and finished product, packaged and ready to go. Our production team will even do their own weekly production plan directly with the customer! Just on time production!

Cellular Manufacturing ISO 9001:2000

Almost ten years ago Nixon began working on ISO 9000. We Passed our first registration attempt in 1996.

Since that time ISO has revised its system to what is generically being called ISO 9000:2000. Importantly, to our customers the new standard raises the bar again for Quality Systems.

Principally the new program puts more emphasis on quality as a company wide “process.” Another factor we considered was that it adds a great deal more focus on Customer Satisfaction.

Mark Bechteler led an effort that worked primarily inside with various teams on what was essentially a complete rewrite of our old Cellular Manufacturing ISO manual. They targeted November ’02 for completion and made it!

Congratulations to Mark and all the folks who helped!