Nixon Gear adds the latest in Precision Gear Measurement Technology!

The Wenzel WGT 350

If you’re looking for precision gears, whether spur gears of helical gears, or even precision worm gears, you need to start with the best in Precision Gear Inspection.

Whether you need gear grinding or gear cutting, our gear manufacturing capability takes another leap forward with the first gear inspection machine in which air bearing technology and thermally stable hard stone are used on ALL AXES .!

The Wenzel WGT 350 joins many our other state-of-the-art machines, in what, many people think, may be the leading Gear Manufacturing Facility in the country. This equipment will complement and support our Ziess Höfler CNC Analytic Gear Inspection Machine, Reishauer and our state of the art gear grinding machines, the Reishaurer RZ400’s and the 362 , as well as the brand new KAPP KX300.

In any modern Precision Gear Manufacturing Facility, SPEED and accuracy in the gear lab’s gear inspection, and analysis, insures your work flows on time! CNC Gear Inspection speeds your product from the final gear manufacturing process to your dock faster then ever.

The combination of High – Precision measuring mechanics and the specially developed Wenzel – Gear Tec precision gear measuring software guarantees the gear inspection results you need in your precision gears.

Precision Gear Inspection data records can be linked to digital photos to add new levels of visual reference, and speed setups and insure consistent processes.

Your gear inspection data also can be downloaded directly to your engineers’ desk to help in problem solving, machine correlation studies, and assuring all your precision gears elemental analysis is what ask for.

The Wenzel will compute the lead, involute, run out, and spacing gear inspection data, as well as single AGMA (or DIN) Quality level number, as well as quantitative data for Statistical Studies.

Nixon also operates a Ziess Numerex Coordinate measuring machine in our Gear Inspection and Quality Service Area. All these regular Gear Manufacturing improvements support the company’s TOM and SPC activities in support of our ISO 9000 company-wide compliance system.

These State of the Art Gear Inspection machines will also be made available to test gears for “Gear Inspection Only” work for second opinions of all sorts of Precision Gears, (including precision worm gears) wherever they are made. Call Mark Bechteler or Ron Wright at Nixon Gear (315) 488-0100.