Tester Upgrade at Oliver Gear – Gear Grinder Inspection System

Winter 2001 • Volume 7, Number 1

In it’s quest for continuous cost and quality improvement, Gear Motions recently approved the addition of the new Höfler Helix 700 CNC Gear Grinder at Oliver Gear.

The Helix 700 is a form grinder with a capacity to 700mm (27.5″) for gears from 1MOD to 15MOD (25.4DP to 1.7DP). This extremely flexible machine allows any involute, lead, root and/or, fillet modification to be easily programmed and dressed by the integral CNC universal dresser.

GN2232001Most significantly, an integrated, on-board measuring system for inspection of involute, lead, and pitch will shorten setup, development, and process checking time dramatically. This feature will be used for pre-grind evaluation during setup and development for error correction prior to the full grinding cycle; and, on large diameter or heavy parts, as a final inspection tool.

VP Mike Barron expects competitive cycle times, high flexibility for short runs, quick setup, on-board dressing, and an integrated on-board inspection system, to combine for extremely competitive, and quick turn-around jobs.”This machine is a natural fit for Oliver’s low to moderate volume operation, and adds a great deal to overall quality of the ground gear product.”