Reducing Gear Manufacturing Costs at Turning

The management of gear manufacturing costs is a complex process. It is more than just the standard action process that gears take in their production. We're talking about cutting data and tool specifications and how… Read More »

Pro-Gear Co. Inc. Joins Gear Motions Inc.

Gear Motions Inc. has acquired Pro-Gear Co. Inc., in Buffalo, NY. Pro-Gear is a gear manufacturer for original equipment manufacturers such as Mack Truck, and also provides quick-turnaround gear grinding services for gear manufacturers that… Read More »

Gear Motions Sees Opportunities with Employee Ownership

Samuel Haines, CEO and chairman of the manufacturing company, Gear Motions, Inc. has recently completed its transition to 100% employee ownership. SOLVAY — A local manufacturer recently completed its transition to 100 percent employee ownership.… Read More »

Nixon Gear Receives UTC Gold Supplier Award

Nixon Gear, a division of Gear Motions Inc., received the prestigious United Technologies Corporation Gold Supplier Award. This award recognizes suppliers who exhibit world-class performance in the areas of Quality, Delivery, Lean, and Customer Satisfaction.… Read More »