Employee Owned

The future of any company resides in the foundation of its history. Gear Motions was formed in 1973 by a forward thinking owner, Samuel T. Haines, whose plan was to create a company that values its employees like it values its customers.

To support this vision, his business plan was to take different companies and develop a network of precision, quality gear manufacturers focused on the customer. Starting with Rawling Gear as its foundation, Oliver Gear was acquired in 1973. Formed in 1892, Oliver Gear is one of the longest, continually operating gear manufacturers in the United States. Nixon Gear, which was formed in 1920, was acquired in 1978, and most recently, Niagara Gear was integrated into the Gear Motions family in 2014.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

In 2005, Gear Motions took the first step in becoming an Employee Owned Company by creating an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). In 2010, Gear Motions completed the sale of the company to the employees, becoming 100% employee owned. This transition assured that the company would remain at its current location and viable for many years to come.

Employee Owned Advantages

There are many advantages to employee ownership for the company, the employees, and our customers. Our customers are assured that their precision gearing is built by people who have a stake in the outcome. Gear Motions Employee Owners are highly invested in the success of the company. Our customers receive world class customer service with special attention to exceeding expectations.

We believe creating highly invested employees, capable of producing high quality gears, will grow our business success in ways we never imagined. This is what our founder envisioned: a company that values its employees like it values its customers.

The Employee Owners at Gear Motions Syracuse Nixon Gear Division

Employee Owned

Employee Owned