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Gearing News

AGMA Lifetime Achievement Award Presented to Sam Haines

The American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) has presented their Lifetime Achievement Award to Sam Haines, Chairman of Gear Motions. According to AGMA, “This award is presented to someone who has demonstrated dedication and leadership for… Read More »

How to Extend Gear Life

Gears are critical elements in the power transmission systems of many machines. As a result, gear failure could mean disastrous results and costly downtime for your equipment or products. As a buyer or user of… Read More »

Need Large Diameter Gears? Gear Motions Can Help

Gear Motions is known for being able to accommodate a wide range of gear manufacturing services and gear production capabilities. From ground or cut helical and spur gears, to splines, sprockets, straight bevel gears and… Read More »