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Gearing News

The Fundamentals of Planetary Gear Systems

At first glance, planetary gear systems, also known as epicyclic gear systems, appear to be quite complex. It is certainly true that it takes a skilled gear engineer to master all of the intricate aspects… Read More »

Added Value through Gear Assembly

It’s no secret that Gear Motions is a leader in gear manufacturing. We specialize in manufacturing high quality precision gears for a variety of industries, and we’ve become well known for our quality in product… Read More »

Exceeding Expectations through Service

After over 100 years in the gear manufacturing business, Gear Motions has developed a reputation in the gear industry. We are known for our wide range of gear production capabilities, and our ability to produce… Read More »

AGMA Lifetime Achievement Award Presented to Sam Haines

The American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) has presented their Lifetime Achievement Award to Sam Haines, Chairman of Gear Motions. According to AGMA, “This award is presented to someone who has demonstrated dedication and leadership for… Read More »

How to Extend Gear Life

Gears are critical elements in the power transmission systems of many machines. As a result, gear failure could mean disastrous results and costly downtime for your equipment or products. As a buyer or user of… Read More »