Proven Performance

The Gear Motions Companies do work for some of the most demanding precision gear applications out there, and we’re proud when we are recognized as one of the significant few.

You can tell a lot about a company by the customers that acknowledge them for their hard work, exceptional customer service, and exemplary high quality standards of performance. Here are just a few of the recognitions we’ve received:

  • Received Carrier Q+ Certified Supplier Award for our precision high-speed gear sets, supplied around the world.
  • Recognized by Eaton Corporation with their Certificate of Excellence for 0 PPM during a three-year period of the Mini Cooper Supercharger Program.
  • First gear manufacturer to receive the United Technologies Corporation Supplier Gold Award for exceptional performance in quality, delivery, and overall supplier performance.


Gear Motions Customers


A substantial amount of time and engineering expertise go into developing and producing the precision gear products our customers expect and recognize us for. The Gear Motions Companies have decades of gear manufacturing experience (in fact the Oliver Gear Division has over a century). Our experience combined with our extensive gear production capabilities makes it easy to maintain the demanding standards of gear manufacturing. When it comes to gear production, we’re here to handle all your projects, large or small.


Gear Motions produces high quality finished gears that have shown consistent high performance and precision. We offer a range of high precision products proudly Made in the USA, including ground or cut helical and spur gearscut sprocketssplinesstraight bevels, and worm gears. We work with a variety of materials, allowing us the capability to meet the most demanding application requirements. We possess the capabilities to produce high precision gears to fit both standard and custom specifications.

UTC Supplier Award