A Big Year at Gear Motions

It has been a very busy and productive 2013 here at Gear Motions. We have developed a successful branding campaign with a new logo, launched our new website, hired new staff and acquired new equipment. We work with world-leading brands to create the highest quality precision gears in the industry, and we wanted our new website and logo to portray just that – precision and quality.

Our Brand

Gear Motions logo

Our new logo represents the proven performance and technology we value which allows us to make the best product we can for our customers. We have three manufacturing divisions, Nixon Gear in Syracuse NY, and Oliver Gear and Pro Gear in Buffalo NY, so this new branding effort also serves to unify all of the divisions into one solid company – Gear Motions. We recently acquired Pro-Gear Co, Inc. to support quick-turnaround gear grinding services for gear manufacturers that need additional capacity or companies that need external gear grinding services.

Our company has three core beliefs in being successful:

  1. Quality and Precision
  2. Proven Performance
  3. Leading Edge Technology

As Employee Owners, standing by these beliefs allows us to make the best ground and cut gears in the industry. We are also proud to say that all of our products are made right here in the USA.

New Website

Gear Motions website

Our new and enhanced website was launched this fall – www.gearmotions.com. Building off of our new logo we designed a sleek and responsive website that provides a user-friendly experience for all of our visitors. We started by reorganizing our site architecture to allow our visitors to find the information they were looking for as easily as possible. Our main navigation organizes the website into these main categories.

Developing a responsive design also allows the best user experience on any device whether you’re on a laptop, tablet or a smartphone. This website was designed and developed with you in mind.

We would appreciate any feedback you have about the new website so we can continue to improve your online experience.

Company News

As big as 2013 was for Gear Motions, 2014 is revving up to be even bigger. To start, we have new equipment and technology being installed at our Oliver Gear location that will help us deliver a quality product to our customers more efficiently. (1) remanufactured Heald 273A Universal Internal Grinder, (1) remanufactured Colonial HAS 15-72 Horizontal Broach, and (1) G&E 60S2 Gear Gasher. With leading edge technology being one of our core beliefs, we feel it is essential to have the best and newest equipment in the gear cutting and grinding industry.

We also want to mention that our family is growing. We have two new hires at our Oliver Gear facility, plus two new field representatives helping to promote Gear Motions in the industry.

From our family to yours, we want to wish you a Happy Holiday!

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