Gear Production Capabilities

With over a century of gear manufacturing experience, Gear Motions has amassed an extensive portfolio of gear production capabilities. Whether it’s big or small, cut or ground, there isn’t a precision gear project we can’t handle from start to finish.

Precision gears from Gear Motions are custom made in the USA and are built using equipment that can accommodate virtually any customer request, including diameters ranging from a fraction of an inch up to three feet. We are capable of manufacturing to a quality level as high as AGMA Q15 (DIN 2), and will follow any other standard as specified, including ISO, JIS, and other internal standards.

Our gear production capabilities allow us to serve a variety of industries with unique applications and demanding specifications. Each gear is custom cut or ground to precision, and by taking advantage of multi-process equipment and automation, we’re able to reduce man hours and deliver gears faster and more efficiently to our customers. Whether we’re delivering one gear or one thousand, we meet and exceed expectations on every order. It’s just another way Gear Motions puts Precision in Motion.

Gear production capabilities at Gear Motions