Bevel Gears

Bevel gears are cone shaped gears designed to transmit motion between intersecting axes. They are usually mounted on shafts that are 90 degrees apart but can be designed for nearly any angle.

Gear Motions specializes in manufacturing precision gears to fit both standard and custom specifications. We can produce straight bevel gears ranging in size from 0.5″ up to 36” in diameter and work with a variety of materials to meet customer requirements. Our expertise allows us to work with customers in a broad range of industries to meet the most demanding application requirements. Bevel gears are commonly used in automotive, heavy equipment, industrial, aviation, and marine industries, as well as in simple hand tools such as drills and planers.

Using Gleason Coniflex Bevel Generators, considered the best in the industry, our expert team produces bevel gears to exact dimensions. We have over 100 years of gear manufacturing experience, and we put that knowledge into every gear we make.

Our gears are known for their consistency, precision, and dependability. Whether your order is large or small, standard or custom, the team at Gear Motions is ready to partner with you on your next gear project.

  • Diameter: 0.5” – 36”
  • Face: 4.5” Max.
  • Pitch: 96 – 1.25 DP

  • (1) Gleason #24A Coniflex Bevel Generators
  • (2) Gleason #14 Coniflex Bevel Generators
  • (1) Gleason #104 Coniflex Bevel Generators

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Bevel Gears manufactured by Gear Motions

Bevel Gears

Bevel Gears