Helical Gears

Gear Motions is equipped to meet all of your helical gear needs, cut or precision ground. We can manufacture a wide range of sizes of custom made helical gears with quality levels up to AGMA Q15.

Helical gears have features and benefits that are similar to spur gears, but are a better option when velocities of over 1000 per minute are needed. Compared to spur gears, helical gears have greater tooth strength and a higher load carrying capacity. They also have a smoother and quieter operation due to their higher face contact ratio.

We have a long history manufacturing high precision custom helical gears. Whether you need metric, diametral or other types of gears and splines, the team at Gear Motions has the knowledge and experience to produce the high quality gearing you need. Our specialists are ready to assist you through every stage of the gear manufacturing process, from design to delivery, ensuring we find a solution to meet your needs. Call or Request a Quote today!

Ground Helical Gears

Using our extensive experience and our range of state-of-the-art equipment, we can manufacture the highest quality ground helical gears anywhere.  Our robotically loaded threaded and profile wheel gear grinders work to meet high volume demands. For smaller runs, our manually loaded profile gear grinders are manned by our highly trained staff, providing consistency across the board. We have a dedicated helical gear design and development team, and our helical gears are produced in lean “Just in Time” cells.

  • Diameter: 0.5” to 27.5”
  • Face: 12.9” Max
  • Pitch: 48 to 1.7 DP
  • Quality: AGMA Tolerance Q15

  • (2) Reishauer RZ400 w/Robotic Loading
  • (3) Reishauer EZ300E
  • (1) Kapp KX300P with Auto Load
  • (1) Hofler Helix 700 CNC
  • (1) Hofler Helix 400K CNC
  • (2) Gleason TAG 400 CNC
  • (1) Gleason 245 TWG CNC

Cut Helical Gears

From high to low volume, small or large cut helical gears, we have you covered with our variety of automated to manually loaded gear hobbers or shapers. Our customers know they can turn to us for high quality cut helical gears. Our processes are tried and true, and we guarantee all of our products.


  • Diameter: 0.5” to 72.0”
  • Face: 24” Max
  • Pitch: 120 to 1.5 DP
  • Quality: AGMA Tolerance Q10

  • Diameter: 0.5” to 10.0”
  • Face: 4” Max
  • Pitch: 120 to 4 DP
  • Quality: AGMA Tolerance Q10


  • (1) Gleason Genesis 400H
  • (1) Liebherr LC380
  • (1) Gleason 782 G-Tech 6 Axis CNC
  • (1) Mitsubishi GC20 CNC
  • (1) Mitsubishi GD20 CNC
  • (1) Mitsubishi GE15A
  • (1) Koepfer 200 with Automation
  • (1) 16” Pfauter P400
  • (1) 24” Pfauter P630
  • (1) 36” Pfauter P900
  • (1) 72” G&E
  • (1) G&E 60S Gasher
  • (2) Richardon R200 CNC
  • (6) Barber Coleman from 6″ to 16″
  • (1) MIKRON 132.02
  • (1) Fellows 10-4 CNC
  • (1) Fellows No. 4AGS
  • (2) Fellows No. 36

Helical Gears

Helical Gears

Helical Gears

Helical Gears

Helical Gears