Gear Motions knows sprockets. When a typical sprocket off the shelf doesn’t help your drive system run more efficiently, look to the experts in crafting custom silent chain, roller, and ladder sprockets.

Gear Motions manufactures sprockets from .5” to 36” in diameter with a pitch range from 0.125 to 3. Please note that although we manufacture sprockets, we do not manufacture or sell the associated chains. Whether you know what you need, or you require some expert advice, engineers at Gear Motions are ready to assist you. They will review your gear system to find high-precision solutions to improve your bottom line.

Sprockets are profiled wheels with teeth that mesh with a perforated material to create a reliable drive system. They are known for being a dependable drive system for continuous drive applications providing the maximum absorption of shock and minimum torque load.

Here are the types of sprockets Gear Motions can customize to fit your needs:

Silent Chain Sprockets

Silent chain sprockets and their associated chains are designed to transmit high power at high speeds. They are much quieter than a typical sprocket system due to their rolling and little sliding mechanism of action. Paired with a chain, they are used in conveying transmitting power between rotating shafts that are at center distances too long for one set of gears.

Silent Chain Sprocket

Roller Sprockets

Roller sprockets are combined with a chain with roller pins that ride in the root of the sprocket to transmit mechanical power. The teeth of the sprocket interlock with the individual chain components and as the sprocket rotates it pulls the chain, transferring power from one end of a system to the other.

Roller Sprocket

Ladder Sprockets

Ladder sprockets are used for low torque power transmission.

Ladder Sprocket

  • Diameter: 0.5″ – 36″
  • Pitch: 0.125″ – 3″

  • (1) Gleason Genesis 400H
  • (1) Liebherr LC380
  • (1) Gleason 782 G-Tech 6 Axis
  • (1) Mitsubishi GC20
  • (1) Mitsubishi GD20
  • (1) Mitsubishi GE15A
  • (1) Koepfer 200 with Automation
  • (2) 16″ Pfauter P400
  • (1) 24″ Pfauter P630
  • (1) 36″ Pfauter P900
  • (1) 60S G&E Gasher
  • (2) Richardon R200 CNC
  • (6) Barber Coleman from 6″ to 16″
  • (1) Wolf GH20-11D
  • (1) Fellows No. 4AGS
  • (2) Fellows No. 36

Trust the gear manufacturer that has been customizing gears for over 100 years. Experience matters, and as an employee-owned company, our team has seen it all and can provide a custom-made solution.

Gear Motions is the custom gear manufacturer you can rely on to craft your high precision sprocket. Whether your order is large or small, the team at Gear Motions is ready to partner with you.

Sprocket manufactured by Gear Motions