Reishauer 362A CNC Gear Grinder

Last summer, Nixon Gear welcomed the new advanced Reishauer 362A CNC Gear Grinder. Now with nearly one year of operation, this super fast grinder rounds out an impressive fleet of machinery that keeps Nixon in the vanguard of the latest technology.

Nixon Gear has an admirable history of staying ahead of the curve in new technology. In 1987, they purchased the first threaded wheel gear grinder, the Reishauer 300E capable of Master Gear Quality (AGMA#15).

The nineties brought newer equipment and more innovative techniques to the art of gear manufacturing. The first CNC gear grinder, the RZ301S, arrived in 1990. In 1994, Nixon became one of the first custom shops in the country to acquire CNC Gear Inspection by purchasing the Ziess Höfler Gear Analyzer. In 1995, Nixon added the Gleason TAG 400m, which increased size, productive capacity, and more control, to our manufacturing process.

By 1998, the CNC Reishauer 362A gear grinder signaled Nixon as an industry contender for the most modern fleet in the country. The end result of all this modernization of equipment is Nixon’s ability to deliver quality products on a timely and cost effective basis. The wheels turn, and they turn out sleek new gears that turn the machines of today’s industry and commerce. Every day. Twenty-one hours every day. The fleet goes on.