Gear Motions Leads the Way in Compressor Gears

Gear Motions’ precision gear manufacturing capabilities are perfect for many applications across a wide range of industries. One application in particular where we excel is in producing compressor gears for industrial compressed air systems. We have been able to fill a significant portion of this niche, supplying compressor gears to many of the leading companies in the industry.

Our precision gear production capabilities and custom gear manufacturing services are extensive, and compressor gears fit seamlessly within our manufacturing scope. Gear Motions has become a leader in the industry by utilizing our many years of experience, fleet of modern equipment and skilled team of employee owners to produce high quality precision gears. Our exceptional customer service, engineering expertise, and on-time delivery performance make us the first choice in gear manufacturing for industrial applications.

While our compressor gears go into a variety of systems, the majority can be found in rotary screw compressors. This type of compressor uses a rotary-type positive displacement mechanism and is frequently used in industrial applications and to operate high-power air tools.

According to a recent Thomas Index Report, the air and gas compressor manufacturing industry is growing quickly, particularly in the automotive, food and beverage, and oil and gas sectors. This growth has been attributed to a number of factors including growth in demand for energy efficient products, as well as an increasing focus on Industry 4.0 and automation technology.

Gear Motions is prepared to take on the projected increase in demand for compressor gears. Thanks to our recent investments in new equipment, we have capacity to take on new precision gear manufacturing projects. Contact us to speak with one of our sales engineers about your project and see how our expertise in manufacturing compressor gears can improve your product and your bottom line.

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