Dan Bartelli Promoted to Director of Operations of Nixon Gear

This year Dan Bartelli is celebrating his 30th anniversary with Nixon Gear, a division of Gear Motions. This notable anniversary also comes with a well-deserved promotion; Dan has recently been promoted to Director of Operations.

Dan Bartelli 2018

Dan began his career at Nixon Gear in 1988 as a machinist where he distinguished himself as a quick learner and hard worker. He worked in a number of departments, and before long was promoted to Lead Machinist. From the shop, Dan moved to Customer Service where he demonstrated a natural talent for outstanding customer care. It was here that Dan established his skill for scheduling and planning and was promoted to Master Scheduler. In 2010 Dan was promoted to Manufacturing Manager and most recently to Director of Operations.

In his new role, Dan Bartelli is responsible for all Nixon Gear Division Operations including Manufacturing, Quality, and Engineering. He is an integral part of the management team, providing leadership and direction to the entire Nixon Team. With his guidance, the Team will continue to deliver high quality products, meeting and exceeding customer requirements and industry standards.

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