Rise of the Electric Bike Market

rise of the electric bike market

Last month we discussed the popularity of electric vehicles and the impact on the gear industry. This month we focus on a specific type of electric transportation, electric bikes. E-bikes have seen a surge in popularity in recent years for a number of reasons.

The rise of the electric bike market has emerged over the last few years, primarily fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic. While many people shifted to working remotely from home during the pandemic, there were many workers who did not have that option. Commuters who previously relied on public transportation needed another option, as many public transport options either suspended services or were seen as too risky to use. E-bikes gave this group another option for safe and socially distanced transportation, and the rise of the electric bike market began. In fact, according to NAM, “The concern over COVID-19 transmission on public transportation has fueled an uptick in bicycle buying, with electric-bicycle sales growing 130% in 2020.”

Another likely contributor to the rise of the electric bike market, especially more recently, is rising gas prices. Higher prices at the pump are causing more people to consider alternate forms of transportation, such as e-bikes and other electric vehicles. An article about electric bikes from Power Transmission Engineering also addresses the environmental impact, explaining that for cities with high traffic density and extreme levels of CO2, e-bikes are a perfect replacement for automobiles. The article also goes on to discuss some interesting technical details of e-bike motors and how they function.

With more options for electric bikes on the market, people are purchasing electric bikes not only to replace automobiles, but to replace traditional bicycles as well. E-bikes are a good alternative to traditional bikes for longer commutes and are a great option for people with physical limitations. Further, more people are using electric bikes solely for recreational purposes. They are even increasingly available to rent in many large cities and tourist areas.

e-bike rental station

Electric Bike Product Growth

The rise in popularity of electric bikes has quickly put them on the radar of many major vehicle manufacturers looking to get in on the growing market. Top companies such as Harley Davidson and General Motors have announced plans for E-Bike product lines, each offering their own unique spin to serve different segments of the e-bike market.

Harley Davidson’s S1 MOSH/TRIBUTE is made to look like its oldest known motorcycle, but features a removable battery integrated into the frame that includes a range of 35-105 miles.

Meanwhile, General Motors continues to embrace electric power systems as it introduced two new e-bike designs. GM’s e-bike will be small and powerful, with unique features that will appeal to urban commuters such as a compact and foldable design.

There is even a new electric bike design called the AllWeatherBike that features a retractable roof that can help keep riders dry in the rain.  As the rise of the electric bike market continues, it will be interesting to see the emergence of unique designs and new features to appeal to different segments of the growing e-bike market.

Electric Bike Market and Gears

As a result of the rise of the electric bike market, Gear Motions has seen an increased interest in our precision gear design and manufacturing services from electric bike manufacturers. This market is a perfect fit for our capabilities and expertise, and we are well-positioned to serve the e-bike market’s growing needs for precision gears and gearboxes.

Gear Motions has extensive gear production capabilities, a wide range of manufacturing services, and many years of experience. We have served the specialty automotive industry in a variety of applications, including motorcycles, superchargers, and electric vehicles. If you require gear and gearbox design assistance for your e-bike product, we also offer gear engineering services through our network.

Pinion gearbox for electric bikes

Pictured is a Pinion Gearbox. Pinion’s gearbox technology is used worldwide and provides automotive technology for bicycles and e-bikes. Gear Motions is capable of manufacturing gears such as these through our advanced gear cutting and gear grinding processes.

Precision gears from Gear Motions are always custom made to your requirements and quality specifications. We continually invest in the latest gear manufacturing equipment, and our precision gear specialists have over 200 years of combined experience. Together, this guarantees we have the equipment and experience necessary to produce the high precision, high quality gears and excellent service that keep our customers coming back again and again.

If you have a new electric bike product or are looking for a new gear manufacturer for an existing product, we’d like to help. Contact us to speak to one of our experienced sales engineers about your needs.

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