Gear Grinding Automation Arrives

Gear Motions has procured the industry’s most advanced gear grinding capability with the Reishauer RZ260 Gear Grinder.  As we prepare to make the equipment production ready, the Gear Motions team recently travelled to Felsomat and Reishauer Corporation in Chicago for testing of the robotic automation component. Check out a few video samples of the proprietary material handling:

Installation will begin on the RZ260 at Gear Motions’ Nixon Gear Division next week.

Gear Motions’ commitment to offering advanced gear grinding capability means we will be purchasing two additional Reishauer gear grinders within the next year to be installed at our Buffalo Division, including an RZ550 this fall and a second RZ260 in spring 2021.

The machines and their robotic automation have been custom built and designed specifically for our applications, part diversity, and complexity, so that Gear Motions can meet our customers’ demanding gear performance requirements. The custom automation and super grinding capability give Gear Motions a clear advantage in quality and turnaround time from small to high volume gear grinding jobs.

We anticipate soon having additional capacity and at this time welcome new customers and new projects. Now is a great time to contact Gear Motions to discuss your precision gear grinding needs and see how our new gear grinding automation sets us apart from the competition.

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