Why Gear Grinding Expertise Is Essential

When you need precision gears, it is almost guaranteed that gear grinding will be part of the manufacturing process. What you may not know is that all gear grinding services are not performed at the same level of expertise across manufacturers. Because of this, if you’re not careful, your ground gears may not be as high quality as you think. This post will explore why gear grinding expertise is an essential factor to consider when choosing a precision gear manufacturer.

Why is Gear Grinding Expertise Important?

Gear grinding is the process of finish grinding gear teeth and is a critical step when manufacturing high precision gearing. This is particularly true for gear grinding after heat treat operations, which serves the purpose of removing any distortion caused by heat treating and adding life to the gear.

close up of gear grindingHave you ever had the unfortunate experience of being notified that there was an issue with your gears during the final gear grinding process? It may be possible to fix these mistakes if you bring them to a gear grinding specialist. However, many times these gears (that have already gone through almost the entire manufacturing process) are now headed to the scrap bin, resulting in a lot of wasted time and money.

It’s always better to work with a gear grinding expert from the start so you know your parts are in good hands throughout the entire process. This ensures the quality and life of your gears consistently meet your requirements, without any headaches, waste, or scrambling to meet deadlines.

What Makes a Gear Grinding Expert?

Many gear manufacturers offer gear grinding services, but few possess the skills and resources necessary to claim they are gear grinding experts. When a company has gear grinding expertise, it probably means several things are true.

First, they utilize the best equipment available to perform their gear grinding services. This includes regularly upgrading their equipment to be able to provide the best quality product to their customers at high efficiency. It is also necessary to employ a sizeable fleet of gear grinding machinery. This ensures all orders can be met in a timely manner, even when the unexpected happens.

gear grinding expertise at gear motionsSecond, gear grinding experts have experience and an exceptional reputation in the industry. Things like number of years in business, years performing gear grinding services, and positive testimonials from real customers about their experiences can be extremely telling of the quality and service you can expect from a gear manufacturer.

That brings us to the third item; having a skilled team of gear grinding specialists on staff. Companies who are gear grinding experts are often also attractive companies to work for. Therefore, they are able to employ and retain top talent. Further, they implement training and mentoring programs to ensure all employees are highly qualified and are able to both pass on their skills to other team members and build on their own skills over time.

Gear Grinding Expertise at Gear Motions

At Gear Motions, we can confidently affirm that we are gear grinding experts. The team at Gear Motions has over 200 years of collective gear manufacturing experience across our divisions. Our gear grinding experience dates back to 1969, when Nixon Gear purchased its first gear grinding machine.

Over this time, we have perfected the gear grinding process and expanded our production capabilities for precision ground gears. This has been achieved through acquisitions and investing in the latest gear grinding equipment. Further, we have made investments in our team of skilled employee owners to ensure we remain a leader in providing gear grinding services for many years to come. Because of all of these things, we have become highly regarded in the industry for our quality and precision in gear manufacturing and have many satisfied customers to prove it.

Gear Motions recently invested in three brand new gear grinding machines from Reishauer; two RZ260s and one RZ550, all equipped with advanced robotic automation from Felsomat. These high-performance grinders have brought our gear grinding expertise to the next level, even further improving our capabilities and efficiency. New capabilities include super finishing and polish grinding on parts ranging from 0.5 to 21.7 inches in diameter and the ability to accommodate a variety of part types, like spur gears, helical gears and assemblies.

For more information about precision gear grinding at Gear Motions, see our new gear grinding video:

With the new capacity and capabilities these machines bring us, we’re excited to be able to consider new projects, whether for gear grind only or complete precision gear manufacturing.

For consideration and to receive a quote from our experienced sales engineers, please contact us with your project details. We look forward to new opportunities and sharing our gear grinding expertise with you!

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