Gear Inspection Machine

The latest in gear metrology – a Ziess Höfler CNC Analytic Gear Inspection Machine – joins other state-of-the-art equipment at the Nixon Gear plant. This equipment will complement and support Reishauer gear grinding machines already in operation at the Syracuse, NY site. These include recently installed CNC RZ301 S and the high precision RZ300E electronic machine.

The Ziess Höfler will be a critical component in the Nixon TOM and SPC programs by providing in-depth gear element analysis. The addition of this machine will provide better control of the gear grinding process, and document for Nixon customers the overall AGMA quality level of the gear inspected. The Ziess Höfler will compute the lead, involute, run out, and spacing data measurements into a single AGMA Quality level number.

This new equipment also will help improve process control in other areas of gear manufacturing. The Ziess Höfler will provide information to the hobbing operations as well as pre- and post-heat treatment inspection. Nixon will become one of a very few gear manufacturers with these capabilities for controlling and improving gear operations. The addition of the Ziess Höfler also allows the measurement of the hobbing tools used in the manufacture of both pre-grind and finish hobbed parts, which is another important aspect of “process control.”

Nixon also operates a Ziess Numerex Coordinate measuring machine in the Quality Service Area. These plant improvements support the company’s TOM and SPC activities in pursuit of an ISO 9002 company-wide compliance system. The Ziess Höfler Gear Inspection also will be made available to test gears for other consumers and manufacturers of open gearing.