Niagara Gear Division Invests in New Machining Technology – Haas VF-2

A new CNC machining center has recently been added to production at the Niagara Gear facility of Gear Motions Inc. in Buffalo, NY. The Haas VF-2 was installed in June and replaces milling operations that were previously performed manually. Milling operations in gear manufacturing include producing features such as drilled and tapped holes or keyways.

Haas VF-2

The introduction of the automated machine has significantly improved accuracy and throughput, allowing the operator to perform multiple tasks simultaneously and ultimately reducing lead times for customers. The new vertical machining center improved accuracy with standardization of programs to ensure consistent product.

Gear Motions is proud to invest in new gear manufacturing equipment like the Haas VF-2 to provide new technology and efficiency to our valued customers. Contact us for more information about our

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