Hobbing Along with the New Mitsubishi GC20 CNC Gear Hobbing Machine

Nixon Gear’s latest addition to their hobbing cell is a Mitsubishi GC20 CNC Gear Hobbing Machine. According to Vice President Mike Barron this will add small diameter precision and speed for even greater throughput.GN3101995

“The Mitsubishi machine handles primarily the 8 DIP and fine 8 inch diameter and smaller gears,” Barron notes. These are currently being done on older manual hobbers or their larger CNC hobber. The Mitsubishi is two to three times faster than the current manual production machine it replaces. As a bonus, it relieves the large CNC hobber of some of the smaller work. With proper scheduling, jobs that formerly took weeks to run can now be completed in a matter of hours. Its quick change technology reduces former two hour set-up time to as little as forty-five minutes. The CNC Mitsubishi also adds greater flexibility and higher accuracy to this process. This increased capability and precision continues to position Nixon Gear as a leader in the industry.