The Importance of Gear Inspection

Gear inspection is an important procedure for checking not only the overall quality of the manufactured gear, but it also provides insights to the efficiency and level of control of the manufacturing process. It will ensure that the parts are made to meet quality standards, as well as customer demands.

Inspection of gears and machines may aid the manufacturer in controlling:

  • Gear size
  • Gear quality
  • Machine fixture mounting
  • Machine set-up
  • Part blank quality
  • Cutting tool accuracy
  • Cutting tool mounting
  • Cutting tool sharpening
  • Heat treat process

The inspection process involves a number of points to ensure quality control of gear production, such as with ground helical gears and spur gears. Utilizing simple visual gear inspection methods and tools, such as cameras and borescopes, can result in overlooked or unnoticed issues.

To ensure functionality of both the produced gear and the machines used, the part must be physically measured and a computer-based analytical check using a gear checker is performed.

Products such as ground helical and spur gears may need to be produced in large volumes for a customer. Therefore, it is essential that both the production equipment and the final product pass inspection. Gear quality inspections can make a difference for securing and sustaining high-value contracts.

For more information regarding gear inspection, please contact our experienced gearing professionals.

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