Gear Motions Lathe Team Focuses on Quality Gears

A little more than a year ago, the bar machine at Nixon Gear was beginning to have quality problems that were becoming more difficult and costly to repair. “The Lathe Team” was formed from the turning and engineering group to review the issues and opportunities and to make final recommendation to the Nixon Management Team to produce a quality gear.GN2181996

Due to some technical research and smart shopping by The Lathe Team, Nixon Gear saved more than $100,000 on the new equipment. The team eliminated some expensive options that were considered originally, and also added new technology to the turning department.

‘Short bar puller technology’ was specified over conventional bar feeders that would have cost close to $100,000 and taken up valuable floor space. ‘Chip Blaster’ was added and is being tested to improve chip control, and consequently, surface quality, tool life, and size control. A ‘Quick Change Tooling’ package was developed to help reduce set-up times.

Team member Dick Abbott reports that early indications are very positive. “The machine is proving to be extremely accurate, and reliably holds size from the first thing in the morning through the next 21 hours of operation”, Dick continues. “It may be small, and does great small bar work, but it can easily expand to do the larger work, which gives us greater flexibility here on the floor.”