Introducing Kinatech: Non-Backdriveable Gearbox Technology

You may have heard that Gear Motions unveiled new technology at the Motion + Power Technology Expo in Detroit. In case you missed it, here is everything you need to know about Kinatech.

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Introducing Kinatech, the new gearbox technology so groundbreaking, there’s no going back.

For the longest time, there were basically only two ways to stop motion – friction and mechanical latching. But with our patented new non-backdriveable gear system, Gear Motions is changing everything. Kinatech is a simple, elegant mechanical locking system that will hold any load in place without using electricity, pneumatics, friction or any other external braking source.

See more benefits here: Introducing Kinatech

Check out this demonstration of Kinatech, the new, non-backdriveable gear system, at the MPT Expo:

Steve Kochan explains: “Watch what happens when I disconnect the drive motor from the drive line. I disconnect the motor, and it stops, and it holds the load, and it will not back drive.”

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