New Mitsubishi GE15A Gear Technology. Is it a Record?

From purchase order to cutting gears in production = 9 days. Yes, this was the reality for the collaboration between Nixon Gear and Mitsubishi’s Gear Technology Center.

Having an urgent need for a new hobbing machine (Spur and Helical gears) in order to meet a customers production requirement, Nixon Gear located in Syracuse, N.Y. turned to Mitsubishi and their array of stock machines. Mitsubishi’s new GE15A hobber was deemed to be the best solution for the gear technology we were looking for. The order was placed, transportation from Mitsubishi’s warehouse to Nixon Gear arranged and installation service scheduled. As soon as the machine arrived at its destination it was unloaded and placed on the production floor. Commissioning took one day with training to follow. Nixon Gear complimented the short installation time by having a workpiece clamping fixture for the machine at the ready. Again the end result was a project timeline, including machine payment, of only 9 days.

Nixon Gear is, primarily, a manufacturer of precision ground gears for a wide range of high speed and precision gear applications. The company has been in business since 1920 and has a reputation in the industry for delivering high quality precision gears, on time. The GE15A joins what might be the most modern fleet of jobbing gear grinders in the country. For more information contact Nixon Gear at 315-488-0100 ext. 2237 or go to their website;

(From Mitsubishi press release)