Laser Marking Technology Added to Production at Gear Motions

Gear Motions is the proud owner of a new fiber laser marking machine which was recently installed at its Nixon Gear Division in Syracuse.

The Beamer Laser Systems Model FL53 uses a 50-watt high powered LED laser to mark products quickly and safely. The machine offers fast cycle times and a wide range of marking intensities. It has a 12.5″ x 26″ total marking field and can accommodate a part up to 3.5’ long with the side panels attached, and even larger parts when the panels are removed. An optional 5C collet indexer was also purchased for radial marking of shaft-type parts.

Beamer Laser Systems Model FL53 Laser Marking Machine at Gear Motions

This is the first time that Gear Motions has been able to offer laser marking as a manufacturing service. Previously, operations such as dot peening and engraving were used as a method of marking parts for customers. Laser marking produces a higher quality mark with a better visual appearance, which is particularly desirable for customers that may resell their gears at retail. It can also provide a more data-dense marking solution, via 2D bar codes, QR codes, etc. for those customers that require it.

Gear Motions is now able to meet advanced marking requirements of its existing customers without sending to an outside vendor. This will streamline the entire process and make complete gear manufacturing even quicker and more efficient. The company can now also offer this value-add service to attract new business from customers that require laser marking on their precision-made gears and may also consider laser mark only business in the future.

See our laser marking machine in action:

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