Learning More About Gears

Have you ever thought, “I’d like to know more about the gears our company buys or specifies. It might help me or one of our engineers or quality folks do our jobs better.”

Precision Ground GearsA good place to start is a visit to the new Gear Motions Website, which provides a wealth of information on precision gear manufacturing.

You can also schedule a visit to one of the three Gear Motions manufacturing locations; we are always happy to host visitors. You can see us make gears, and ask all about bevel, helical and spur gear manufacturing. You can even see our specialty in action, precision gear grinding.

In addition to visiting a gear manufacturing facility, there are also hands on training seminars offered by the American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA), or one of the Gear Machinery manufacturers. The courses are primarily for machine operators, however, nearly anyone can benefit. Past students have included executives, sales representatives and quality control managers.

Another option is the school known formally as the Fundamentals of Parallel Axis Gear Manufacturing seminar. Nearly 1,000 people have gained knowledge on the gear manufacturing industry by attending this three-day seminar. Attendees learn several topics, such as Gear Nomenclature, The Hobbing and Shaping Processes, and several other topics including Gear Inspection, Cutting Tool Materials, and AGMA Standards