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Buffalo Operations – Oliver & Niagara Gear

In January of 2023 Gear Motions opened the doors to its new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Tonawanda, NY.  Today, Oliver Gear and Niagara Gear operate under one roof, enhancing our manufacturing capabilities. Oliver Gear… Read More »

Syracuse Division – Nixon Gear

In 1920, George Nixon founded Nixon Broach and Tool Company with the intention of selling general machining and special tooling. The company drifted into gear manufacturing and by 1924 it had changed its name to… Read More »

Syracuse Division – Auto Gear

In January of 2023, Auto Gear joined the Gear Motions family. Based in Syracuse, New York, Auto Gear specializes in the efficient and economical production of low-volume, custom gearboxes, from design to delivery. With this… Read More »