Gear Inspection

Within the Gear Motions network, we perform a wide range of gear inspection operations as part of our precision gear manufacturing services. This ensures that gear quality and size control are accurate and precise for every gear we make. Our gear inspection specialists and technically qualified employees combine with stringent process control to bring you higher quality gears at a lower cost.

Our inspection laboratories are climate controlled and feature the most modern inspection equipment held to the highest accuracy required for gear instrumentation (ref: German VDI/VDE, Class 1). We are capable of measuring and charting intricate gear tooth typography including lead, involute profile, size, pitch variation, run-out, and total composite. A large selection of master gears is also available.

Gear Motions’ employee owners take great pride in the quality and reliability of our gears. Our equipment is accurate and dependable, ensuring your products will meet the most demanding performance requirements. Below is a list of some of the equipment we utilize for gear inspection.

Gear Inspection Machinery

  • (1) Klingelnberg PSFU1200 with Tri-check Computer Analysis
  • (1) Klingelnberg PNC 60 CNC
  • (1) Höfler EMZ 402 Gear Inspection and CMM
  • (1) Höfler ZME 402 CNC Analyzer
  • (1) Höfler EMZ 632 Gear Analyzer
  • (1) Wenzel Gear Tec WGT350 CNC Analyzer
  • (1) Parkson 8” CD Roll Tester
  • (1) Parkson 18” CD Roll Tester
  • (1) Parkson 36” CD Roll Tester
  • (2) Gleason No. 13 Universal Tester
  • (1) Brown & Sharpe Global Classic 555 scan CMM
  • (1) Helmel Microstar Model 325-202DCC CMM
  • (1) Microvu H-14 Optical Comparator
  • (1) OGP QL-20 Optical Comparator
  • (1) J&L Optical Comparator
  • (1) Micrometrical Profilometer (surface texture)
  • (1) Mitutoyo Profilometer
  • (3) Wilson Rockwell Hardness Tester
  • (1) Fellows 12H Gear Lead Measuring Instrument
  • (1) Fellows 12M Gear Involute Measurement Instrument
  • (1) Profile Engineering PC20 Composite Gear Analyzer
  • (1) Fellows No. 4 Red Liner
  • (2) Unite-A-Matic 8600 Gear Size Instrument
  • (2) Nital Etch Testing Systems to ANSI/AGMA 2007-B9
  • (1) Brown & Sharpe Gage 2000 CMM

For more information about our gear inspection operations, please contact us.

Hoefler Gear Inspection Machine at Nixon Gear

Gear Inspection

Gear Inspection