Always In Motion…

Gear Motions Celebrates the Grand Opening of Its New Manufacturing Facility in Buffalo, NY, and Serving the Gear Industry for Over 100 Years!

Rich History in Gear Manufacturing

In 1892 A.F. Oliver opened the doors to Oliver Gear. By 1907 Oliver Gear becomes the first exclusive gear manufacturing plant in Buffalo, New York, and the Niagara Frontier. Oliver Gear outgrew its original location and in 1920 moves into a new facility. As a result of continued growth Oliver Gear moves yet again in 1931 into its third and present location on Niagara Street.

While Oliver Gear is taking the gear industry by storm, Samuel T. Haines acquires Rawling Gear of Syracuse. Mr. Haines begins his quest to grow and expand Rawling Gear’s operations and in 1973 incorporates Rawling Gear under a new name Gear Motions. It is also in 1973 that Mr. Haines acquires one of the oldest gear works in the United States, Oliver Gear.

In 1974 another gear manufacturing company is established in the Buffalo/Niagara area by Matt Babisz, the Niagara Gear Corporation. Mr. Babisz fostered a customer centric philosophy and has been quoted as saying “delight them beyond their expectations.”

As Niagara Gear is forging its niche within the gear industry, Gear Motions in 1978 launches a national sales force. Mr. Haines continues his pursuits of expanding product offerings adds a plastic division in 1980 and acquires a California based gear supplier and broaching manufacturing. By the early 2000’s gear supply and broaching are consolidated into existing New York facilities.

Gear Motions Becomes an ESOP

Under the Haines family leadership, in 2005, Gear Motions begins the transition to an employee-owned company and by 2010 Gear Motions is 100% employee owned. The growth mindset established by Mr. Haines resonated with Gear Motions employees and in 2014 Gear Motions acquires Niagara Gear.

Gear Motions Breaks New Ground

To enhance operations, Gear Motions embarks on building a new manufacturing facility in Buffalo, NY to merge Oliver Gear and Niagara Gear under one roof. In 2021, Gear Motions and Zaepfel Development break ground at North Youngman Commerce Center. On September 26, 2022, Gear Motions opened the doors to its new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

All of us at Gear Motions are proud to be serving the gear industry since 1892 and look forward to continued growth the Gear Motions way – Delighting our customers beyond their expectations.