Kapp KX300P Makes Precision Gear Grinding Faster and More Flexible

Nixon Gear introduces the new Kapp KX300P, providing yet another advance in custom precision gears at new levels of quality and productivity. Get more cost effective spur gears and helical gears from one of the most modern gear manufacturers in the country.


  • Develop New Custom Gear Geometry in ground spur or helical gears using Kapp’s vitrified single wheel capability.
  • Flexibility – Gear Grinding with conventional Vitrified threaded wheels – or for lower cost long run production; CBN (threaded or single wheel) Unique Gear Design Geometry is no problem!
  • Gear Inspection Integrated on Board Drastically reduces development time for new or custom gear profiles. Bring your special gear design for quick development to the ground gear manufacturer of choice.
  • Speed Equals Lower Costs – At the end of the day, it’s all about how fast parts go on and off the machine. The new Kapp KX300P system has your part changed in 4-6 seconds!

We have the experienced team and advanced equipment needed to meet all of your precision gear grinding needs. Contact us for a quote today!

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