Precision in Motion, Always in Motion

Without a doubt, 2020 will be remembered as one of the most turbulent years in history. The COVID-19 pandemic has swept the world and sent economies spiraling. Everywhere, non-essential companies were forced to shut down, slow down, or shift resources, while those in essential industries went into overdrive to meet growing demands. No matter the industry, businesses took on the responsibility to closely follow guidelines and keep their employees and customers safe, above all else.

Early on, Gear Motions was deemed an essential company and remained open throughout the entire duration of the shelter in place executive order issued by New York State. We are proud to share that all three of our locations have remained open and able to meet our customers’ needs throughout the pandemic, and that all our safety measures have proven effective at keeping our employees healthy.

While Gear Motions does not directly provide an end-product to the market, it is a vital link in the supply chain supporting essential companies meeting critical needs. For example, our Niagara Gear division supplies pump gear assemblies to a customer that manufactures equipment used in producing PPE. That PPE has then been supplied to those who need it most right here in the United States.

Not all essential businesses are obvious. Thank you to all the seen and unseen workers, companies, and industries working to meet the essential needs of our country during this time. We are grateful to remain open and able to meet our customers’ needs, this year and always. Gear Motions will keep putting Precision in Motion.

Gear Manufacturing at Gear Motions, Precision in Motion

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