Pro-Gear Co. Inc. Joins Gear Motions Inc.

Gear Motions Inc. has acquired Pro-Gear Co. Inc., in Buffalo, NY. Pro-Gear is a gear manufacturer for original equipment manufacturers such as Mack Truck, and also provides quick-turnaround gear grinding services for gear manufacturers that need additional capacity or companies that need external gear grinding services.

Gary Rackley, founder and president of Pro-Gear has more than 45 years in the gear industry and will transition the company as it joins the Gear Motions family of precision ground gear specialists.

“As Pro-Gear becomes part of Gear Motions, we will continue to offer a high-level of flexibility and customization to our customers,” said Gear Motions President and CEO Sam Haines. “The transition should be seamless as all personnel from the Pro-Gear production team join the Gear Motions team at our Oliver Gear location.”

“This is a great merger of Gear Motions’ state-of-the-art gear grinding technology with Pro-Gear’s proven ability to turn around its customers ground gears needs in a hurry,” said Rackley.

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