Reducing Gear Manufacturing Costs at Turning

The management of gear manufacturing costs is a complex process. It is more than just the standard action process that gears take in their production. We’re talking about cutting data and tool specifications and how they affect several industrial processes, including setups, cutting time and tool life.

Gear Solutions recently published an article regarding precision turning that discusses several aspects, including machine stability, setup stability, tool holding stability, tool stability, and technology regarding cutting edges. Here is an excerpt from the article:

“An important success factor in turning to hold tight tolerances is the state of the workpiece after the rough and semi-finish cuts. To adapt to this may be a trial-and-errorĀ procedure in some cases, but in most cases the right rough-turning operation, followed by the right semi-finishing operation according to recommendations is essential. In every cut some signs of vibrations – however small – can be traced, especially after internal cuts.”

There are a number of recent technological breakthroughs for precision turning and reduction of gear manufacturing costs in production. The importance of overcoming challenges and finding balance in our gear manufacturing industry, as well as the importance of delivering highly cost-effective products in a timely manner to our customers, should be of the utmost importance. By reducing costs and improving process capability, we not only increase the longevity of our parts but also the faith our customers have in us as cost effective gear manufacturers.

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