New Reishauer RZ260 Robotic Gear Grinder Delivered

Reishauer RZ260 in box with Christmas bowIt was an exciting day at Gear Motions as our brand-new robotic gear grinder was delivered to our Nixon Gear Division in Syracuse, NY. The Reishauer RZ260 with integrated robotic part loading was brought in just in time to kick off the holiday season.

The Reishauer RZ260 will be the first of three new gear grinders to be put into production at Gear Motions over the next two years. A Reishauer RZ550 is planned to be installed in 2020, followed by another RZ260 in 2021, both at Gear Motions’ Buffalo, NY Division.

The addition of these advanced machines further expands our capacity for gear grinding and adds new capabilities such as twist control and super finishing. Further, the twin spindle platform and robotic automation components will allow for higher production levels than we have previously been able to achieve.

This substantial investment into new gear grinding technology set us up to take on new precision gear grinding projects and ensures that Gear Motions will remain a leader in precision gear grinding for many years to come.

See our extensive gear production capabilities and contact us to discuss your precision gear manufacturing needs with our experienced team of employee owners today.

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