Gear Motions Expands Expertise in Supercharger Gears

Gear Motions recently began working on a new program with a highly respected player in the specialty automotive world, a manufacturer of aftermarket superchargers for marine and automotive applications.

Our sales engineering team first entered into discussions with this supercharger manufacturer over a year ago, when we began working with them on a set of prototype gears for their latest supercharger. Once completed, these prototype gear sets went to a multinational American automaker to be installed on their popular full size pickup truck. One set was used for testing for use on a future program, and other sets were placed in the same model to be shown at an industry trade show. Shortly after, the superchargers were then released to be used in one of the brand’s most popular sports cars as well.

supercharger ford mustang

Since the initial prototype sets and first order were completed, the usage of these gear sets has increased up to 1,500 per year, and we expect it to continue to grow up to around 4,000 superchargers per year.

The addition of this new program to Gear Motions production lineup is a perfect fit for our capabilities and expertise. We have historically been an authority in the field of supercharger gears and have many years of experience and many satisfied customers in the field to prove it. This expertise has allowed us to expand our manufacturing capabilities, including investments in next-level gear grinding equipment and job training to advance our precision gear manufacturing skills. We are now able to produce these high-performance gears at levels of quality and productivity that can’t be beat.

For more information about Gear Motions, check out our gear production capabilities and custom gear manufacturing services.

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