The Importance of Gear Grinding

When you need precision gears, gear grinding is an essential part of the manufacturing process. However, not all gear grinding services are created equal. Without careful selection, your ground gears might not meet the high standards you expect.

What is Gear Grinding?

At its core, gear grinding involves using a rotating tool, typically a wheel with abrasive grains, to refine a workpiece’s surface. This process ensures high surface quality and precise shape and dimensions. Gear grinding is the critical finishing touch in manufacturing high-precision gears.

Why Start with a Gear Grinding Expert?

Have you ever faced issues with your gears only to find out during the final grinding stage? Often, these problems can lead to significant waste in time and money, with gears destined for the scrap bin. Engaging a gear grinding expert from the beginning ensures your parts are expertly handled throughout the manufacturing process, maintaining quality and longevity, and avoiding costly mistakes and delays.

What Makes a Gear Grinding Expert?

While many manufacturers offer gear grinding services, few can truly claim expertise. When choosing a company for precision gear grinding, consider these three key factors:

  1. State-of-the-Art Equipment
  2. Quality Reputation and Experience
  3. Skilled Tradespeople


High-quality and efficient manufacturing requires state-of-the-art grinding equipment. Advanced robotic automation and high-performance grinders are crucial. Additionally, a well-equipped grinding division can handle orders promptly, even under unexpected circumstances.

 Quality Reputation & Experience

Experience and reputation are invaluable. Look for a company with years of experience in gear grinding and positive testimonials from satisfied customers. These factors indicate the level of quality and service you can expect.

Skilled Tradespeople

A team of skilled gear grinding specialists sets the standard in the field. Expert manufacturers attract and retain top talent, implementing robust training and mentoring programs to maintain high quality and efficiency.

Gear Grinding at Gear Motions

With over 200 years of collective gear manufacturing experience across our divisions, Gear Motions is a true gear grinding expert. Our journey began in 1969 when Nixon Gear purchased its first gear grinding machine. Since then, we’ve perfected the process and expanded our capabilities with the latest equipment, including Reishauer RZ260s and RZ550 machines with robotic automation technology.

Our skilled team ensures we remain leaders in providing top-notch gear grinding services. Renowned for our quality and precision, we have a long list of satisfied customers.

If you’re looking for precision spur gears, helical gears, and assemblies, reach out to us. We look forward to sharing our gear grinding expertise with you.