The New Million Dollar Baby: RZ400 Gear Grinding Technology

“Actually it’s almost $1.5mm (reports President Sam Haines) when you add in the robotics loader and parts mover! And, although it’s a lot of money, the RZ400 Gear Grinder will be the next logical step in our journey to become the nations’ top Ground Gear Job Shop. One more step forward in improving our technology, and productivity. A big investment in our future.”

The latest Gear Grinding Technology from the world’s leading producer of Production Precision Gear Grinders. The RZ goes faster in the cycle, between cycles, and changes from part to part faster.

The first robotic loading/unloading system in a US job shop will not only make life easier for the folks who handle heavy parts all day, but it will also improve our productive grinding time by 50-75%!


An electronic gear box improves already amazing gear geometry development.
Newly designed cartridge components make maintenance faster, and minimizes down time.