When the Unexpected Happens, You Can Count on Us

Manufacturers put a lot of trust in their vendors. We rely on them to provide a quality product or service in a timely manner so that we can provide the same to our customers.

So what happens if the unexpected happens and our vendors are unable to meet a deadline? Or even worse, what if disaster strikes and service is delayed long term, or even cancelled completely? Machines break down. People get sick or injured. Natural disasters happen. It’s essential to have a back-up plan.

Does your company have a disaster recovery plan? Do your vendors?

Customers of Gear Motions don’t have to worry. If disaster strikes, we have a safety net. Our disaster recovery plan includes redundant capabilities across our three manufacturing divisions in Central and Western New York. If a machine goes down unexpectedly in Syracuse, the work can be easily shifted to one of our facilities in Buffalo, and vice versa.

We put a lot of time and resources into developing a disaster recovery plan to ensure we can continue providing the excellent service we’ve become known for, no matter the circumstances. It’s all part of our dedication to our customers, and our Mission to “Drive success through Precision in Motion”.

Map of New York state with marked locations of Gear Motions divisions in Syracuse, NY and Buffalo, NY

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