Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Drive success through Precision in Motion.

Our Vision

Be the most sought-after company to work for and do business with.

Our Values

    1. We believe that Customer Satisfaction is the foundation to the sustainability and viability of our business.
    2. We commit to satisfying applicable requirements while maintaining a respectful work environment based on honesty, compassion, integrity and ethics.
    3. We embrace teamwork, open communications, and data-driven decision making to achieve performance and continual improvement.
    4. We value each other and everyone’s dedication, hard work, and contributions.
    5. We pledge to provide training and knowledge sharing, a safe workplace, while respecting the environment.
    6. As empowered employee owners, we take individual responsibility for our actions to achieve objectives so we may leave a legacy for the next generation.

Gear Motions Corporate Mission, Vision & Values