Medical Devices

It’s no secret that components manufactured for the medical device industry have extremely strict quality requirements. After all, these devices are expected to function correctly every time without fail, and often people’s lives depend on it.

Precision gears are no exception. Gears can be found in many types of medical devices, including various hospital and surgical equipment. In gear manufacturing, medical applications often come with a unique set of priorities, including very small size, and ability to function at high speeds and low noise levels. In addition, special materials are often used.

Gear Motions is well equipped to handle the tough requirements and tight tolerances of medical device applications. We’ve supplied fine pitch gears for many medical device products such as intravenous infusion pump machines. Our high precision medical device gears are guaranteed to provide a smooth and quiet operation right where they are needed most.

Are you looking for an experienced and trusted gear manufacturer to produce your tight tolerance medical device gears? Check out our precision gear capabilities and contact Gear Motions to discuss your requirements.

Medical Device Industry Gear Manufacturing