New Grinding Machines Increase Quality and Productivity at Nixon Gear

Two new grinding machines were recently added to production at Gear Motions’ Nixon Gear Division in Syracuse, NY.

The Studer S121 is a 2-spindle universal cylindrical grinder capable of grinding IDs and faces. It was purchased to accommodate a program for a new customer with Nixon Gear. The machine adds new capabilities to grind small diameters with its 60,000 RPM spindle, while still being able to handle larger gears with its 10” chuck and 36,000 RPM spindle. It also vastly improves productivity by offloading work from older, mechanical Heald bore grinders. The S121 is also capable of grinding bores and faces in one setup, saving even more valuable production time.

Studer S121 Grinding Machine   Studer S121 Grinding Machine

The Toyoda GL4Ai-50 OD Grinder is another new addition to Nixon’s fleet of gear manufacturing equipment. It has a Ø12.6″ swing and 19.6″ distance between centers. Nixon already uses a model GL4A in production, and the purchase of this newer model adds even more shaft grinding capacity. The GL4Ai-50 includes two part auto-sizer gauges, which is an increase over the older GL4A’s single gauge. The 2nd auto-sizer gauge saves time and increases productivity as two different tight tolerance diameters can now be ground in the same setup.

Toyoda GL4Ai-50 OD Grinder   Toyoda GL4Ai-50 Auto-Sizer Gauges

Gear Motions continues to make investments in new equipment that allow us to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. The purchase of these state-of-the art grinding machines gives our people the tools needed to produce the highest quality products at a lower cost, delivered in a timely manner.

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