Celebrating Employee Ownership Month

October is Employee Ownership Month (EOM)—a month long celebration of the undeniable benefits employee ownership provides to employees, companies, local communities, and the nation. In 2010, Gear Motions completed the sale of the company to… Read More »

Always In Motion…

Gear Motions Celebrates the Grand Opening of Its New Manufacturing Facility in Buffalo, NY, and Serving the Gear Industry for Over 100 Years! Rich History in Gear Manufacturing In 1892 A.F. Oliver opened the doors… Read More »

Elementor #6692

Gear Motions Links Up with Syracuse City School District's CTE Team Prior to students venturing back to school for the 2022-2023 school year teachers from the Syracuse City School District joined the team at Gear… Read More »

Rise of the Electric Bike Market

Last month we discussed the popularity of electric vehicles and the impact on the gear industry. This month we focus on a specific type of electric transportation, electric bikes. E-bikes have seen a surge in… Read More »

Electric Vehicles and Gears

“Electric vehicles” may just be the phrase of the year in manufacturing. It’s hard to open an industry publication or browse a website or social media platform without coming across mention of EVs. Whether its… Read More »