Custom Gears vs. Stock Gears

As a gear manufacturer, we typically receive two different types of inquiries from potential customers.

The first type comes from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), usually from industries within our main areas of expertise that are looking for custom gears manufactured for use in their end products. More often than not, if the gear specifications fit within our production capabilities, we are able to offer our assistance with these projects. If not, we are able to work with our partners to meet our customer’s needs.

The second type of inquiry comes from a much wider variety of customers, many of whom are looking for a single stock gear or a replacement gear for an existing piece of equipment. While there are many gear manufacturing companies out there who can help with these types of requests, unfortunately, we are not one of them.

What are Custom Gears?

Gear Motions is a leading gear manufacturer specializing in supplying custom cut and precision ground gears for OEMs all around the world. Our capabilities allow us to focus on high quality and high precision gears in small, medium, or large volume quantities.

Custom Gears Manufactured by Gear Motions

As a manufacturer of custom gears, we do not sell stock gears or supply standard off-the-shelf gears in one piece quantities. Since we make all of our parts custom from customer prints, this would typically not be cost effective for the customer.

All of our gears are custom made to the customer’s exact specifications, ensuring a perfect fit for their application every time. At Gear Motions, the customer is always our first priority.  We want to help our customers succeed, and aim to develop long lasting relationships built on quality, expertise, and trust.

Gear Motions, Custom Gear Manufacturer

Gear Motions is a full-service custom gear manufacturer. Through our complete range of gear manufacturing services, we have the expertise to handle every step of the gear manufacturing process to meet your needs.

Our gear production capabilities include precision ground or cut helical and spur gears, and cut sprockets, splines, straight bevel gears and worm gears.  All of our gears are custom made in the USA and are built using equipment that can accommodate virtually any customer request, including diameters ranging from a fraction of an inch up to three feet.

While we welcome all gearing inquiries, we hope we have helped explain the difference between a gear manufacturer that supplies custom gears vs. stock gears or replacement gears.

Still not sure if Gear Motions is a good fit for your manufacturing needs? Contact us! If we can’t help, we’ll try to point you in the right direction of someone who can.

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