Minimize Print Registration Errors with Gear Motions

print registration errorsIn the printing industry, print registration errors can be a costly problem. These errors occur when overlapping colors of a single image are out of alignment, resulting in an image that is blurry or fuzzy. This is also called being “out of register”.

To provide the best quality print image for their customers, printing press manufacturers look to minimize these registration errors as much as possible. This can be achieved in part by ensuring their presses are made using quality components, such as high precision ground gearing. In particular, it is crucial that the gearing used have minimal runout and spacing errors so that the image produced by the press is as sharp and crisp as possible.

Precision Gears for the Printing Industry

Gear Motions has proven to be the gear manufacturer the printing industry can rely on to produce high quality gears. Our precision gears perform seamlessly in printing presses to ensure a crisp and clear image every time. We have extensive experience manufacturing gears for the printing industry, and our customers have been able to greatly reduce or eliminate registration errors as a direct result of working with us.

With over a century of gear manufacturing experience, Gear Motions has amassed an extensive portfolio of gear production capabilities. Whether your project requires services such as full design, prototyping, pre-production and production of gears, we have the expertise to handle every step of the gear manufacturing process to meet your needs.

If you are a printing press manufacturer, you can’t afford to run into registration issues due to under performing gears.  The specialists at Gear Motions are ready to assist you with your precision gearing needs; just contact us with your project details to get started.

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