Industry Leading Gear Grinding Automation Now in Production

You may have heard that Gear Motions recently acquired industry leading gear grinding automation from Felsomat and polish grinding from Reishauer with our RZ260 Gear Grinder.

While the RZ260 has been in production since earlier this year, we are proud to share that the automation component has been installed and is now up and running production parts at Gear Motions’ Nixon Gear division.

View Gear Motions’ new video of the gear grinding automation in action:

The pallet is manually loaded by an operator to match the automation’s program for the specific job. The robot locates the parts, picks and loads them into the machine to be ground. The RZ260 has a twin spindle, so while one part is being ground, another part can be loaded to be ready and waiting for the next grind, greatly improving takt time. Once grinding is complete, the part is removed from the machine and loaded onto the spinner to remove the oil, and finally returned to the correct location on the pallet. When all parts on the pallet have been ground, the pallet will drop down and a new pallet will rotate in and take its place.

Together, the new automation and super grinding technologies allow for much greater efficiency than the previous method of manually loading each part, particularly for long production runs.

Gear Motions’ precision gear grinding capabilities are the most technically advanced anywhere. Whether you need gears manufactured complete, or require gear grind only, we offer the best quality product, equipment, and service in the industry.

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